Answers To Reception Questions

The Answers To Some Very Important Questions You Need To Ask Yourself….

You are very wise to check this out. If you get this bit right your party is off to a very good start. However, if you get it wrong you create a lot of stress for yourself and the professionals around you on the day…

Let me tell you why each of these questions are important….

  • How long do I need for my drinks reception?

1. As a general rule you need one minute for every two people you are inviting to your party. It takes this long for people to file through the door and get through that small talk with the host(s).

It takes longer at wedding party when guests wish to talk longer, compliment and congratulate the bride and groom on arrival. It often takes a little less time in a corporate or private party where everyone knows each other. It is, however, a very good rule of thumb.

100 guests = 45 to 50 minutes reception. If you allow less you will run late and this creates stress for you and the chef.

  • Do my guests all know each other?

2. If your guests know each other then they will mix more freely than if the don’t. If, however, they come from different aspects of your life they will take time to strike up conversation with people they don’t know. In this situation it is a great idea to have something going on that encourages your guests to talk to new people. Nothing does this better than Clive’s Close Up Mix ‘n Mingle magic.

  • Will there be a welcoming line?

3. If you have a welcoming line your reception will take longer, often much longer. This is because all your guests will wish to stop and talk to every person in the line and that slows things down. There is nothing wrong with a line, but if you decide to have one you need to allow more time for your drinks reception. With more than 50-60 people invited and a line it is worth considering arranging a finger buffet for your guests during your reception.

  • What do my guests have in common?

4. If all your guests have one thing in common (work for instance) then guess what they will be talking about?! If this is the case it is important to consider arranging something that encourages your guests to talk about something else. Again Clive’s Close Up Mix ‘n Mingle magic works supremely well here. First your guests are amazed and amused and then when Clive leaves them they immediately start talking about what they have just seen and stops them “talking shop”.

  • How will the food be served?

As a general rule you can choose between a sit down silver service, a buffet or a finger buffet but what you choose Clive’s magic can compliment it, This is best discussed on the telephone (Freephone 0800-0188118 best from a land line or 01737-350586 best from a mobile) as you have so many options and our advice will change depending on a number of circumstances, including the number of guests you expect and what you would like to happen. Go here if you want some ideas about food.

  • What kind of music do I want?

Do you want music at all? If you do, your wishes and your budget will determine the best solution for you. However we can help with a number of very good music acts from disco’s to 10 piece bands and everything in between.

  • What is going to happen after the food?

Is there going to be any speeches? If so how long do you need to allow for them? If there are not to be any speeches are the guests going to be invited onto the dance floor? This may work if the age group is close together and the music selection right, however, this is very much the exception MOST people will not hit the dance floor straight after a meal.

  • Is there anyone invited who this is not right for?

I suggest to you this is highly likely to be the case. Whatever the main attraction is at this point of your party, it is unlikely to be right for everyone. I urge you to read the section on the main letter about how to entertain guests who choose not to dance. Clive calls them the Sick, Lame and Lazy as they are the main reasons people choose not to dance. Go here if you would like some ideas about other acts we can supply.

  • Are there any time gaps that need filling?

If there are then it gives you an opportunity for Clive to perform his stand up comedy cabaret style magic show. This can be any length from 10 to 45 minutes and is guaranteed to have everyone laughing. Again details on the main letter page.

  • What time does the party start and finish?

 Knowing the times of everything allows you to plan ahead and see how the party will pan out. However, a big tip is not to over engineer things and try and button everything down to the last minute. Clients who do this often get very stressed when things don’t run exactly to plan. We want you to enjoy your big day and not to be stressed. Having a general idea of timings is good, clock watching and stress are definitely bad.

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