Charity Event Magic

Here’s How You Can Arrange A Great Magician For Your Charity Event AND How I Can Help You Raise Even More Money For Your Cause…

Also, Find Out If You Qualify…

Thank you for taking the time to arrange a Charity Ball for your worthy cause, without people like you charities would miss out on huge amounts of income and I wish to help you maximise the benefit your event offers your charity…

I have been a working professional magician since 1981. I have worked at well over 1,000 charity events and raised nearly three-quarters of million pounds for those charities, with modesty aside I consider myself to be an expert in the field at such events.

Shortly I will explain how you can arrange for me to be at your event AND have me help you make money for your worthy cause, but first, we need to see if you qualify…

To qualify for my help you need to be able to answer yes to these four questions…

  1. Have you booked a nice venue?
  2. Are the guests paying to be there?
  3. Is your charity a registered charity?
  4. Will you have at least 100 guests?

If you can answer yes to those questions then please read on and I will tell you how I might be able to help you…

If you don’t qualify or are not running a charity event, try this page.

As I see it you have four possible options when considering booking one or more magicians for your event.

1. Booking a magician who will work for free or a low fee, this is the worst option by far. Any magician who would work for nothing or nearly nothing is likely to be a young inexperienced magician or an older person starting out on a new career. Why, having booked a first-rate venue, quality food, and music for your paying guests would you book a third-rate act? These people will use your guests as cannon fodder, helping them acquire some experience performing for real people in the real world.

Do you agree this is better than a free magician? How Magic Raises Money

These less experienced acts nearly always reflect badly on themselves and importantly the person who booked them in the minds of your guests. Any poor aspect of your event makes it less likely that your guests will attend again in the future.

2. Booking a quality professional act is the second best of the four options. These acts will entertain your guests, make them laugh, astound them and give them a good time. The downside is they will command a professional fee. You should expect to pay between £400 and £650 per person. They are worth every penny as they are experienced and good at what they do and leave everyone with good feelings. They very rarely help you raise money directly but they do indirectly, as the more features you have going on during your event the more people who will attend, both this year and in the future.

3. Booking me and the magicians who I have trained and work for me. This I honestly believe is your best option, we raise money for your charity and guarantee this will at least cover our fee. To find out how we do this I need you to give my office a call on FREEPHONE 0800-0188118 (best from a land line) or 01737-350586 (best from a mobile).

Why you need to call to find out this information…

It has taken a long time to put this magical presentation together and I know this website is viewed by a number of other magicians who would love to know how I do it. In short, I am protecting the secrets of how it is done. Like most good things in life, it is simple when you know how, but it has taken many years to make it as effective as it is today.

When you call we also explain how our guarantee will work for your event.

Sharon Johnson booked me for her charity (Holiday’s for the Disabled) afterward she had this comment from a guest “The magician is good at getting money out of you, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!” That’s what I do and have done 100’s of times.

What Doesn’t Work Well For You (or Me)…

I have been offered hundreds of times free food, publicity by local and national press as well as TV not to mention all the people at your event with huge budgets to spend on future events that they may be holding. I am sorry to say I find such offers very unattractive. My concentration at your event is 100% on you, your guests and your charity. I believe if I get that right my future will look after itself.

4. Booking nothing for your event. Whilst this is an option, it is a poor option, as the more attractions you have going on at your event the more interesting it becomes. The more fun people have, the more likely they are to return in the future. Would you return to a theme park that offered only a very small number of attractions once you had paid your money to get in? I suspect not. In addition, you also miss out on the money I can raise for your charity.

I would love to perform at your event to help you raise as much money as possible for your very worthy cause; However, I do need to be paid but am usually able to offer charities rock bottom prices depending on where and when your event is. Remember I GUARANTEE to raise you more money than I cost so why not give me a call and let’s discuss your event in more detail.

I can, and do, command much higher fees for most of the other events I perform at.

Please call my office on FREEPHONE 0800-0188118 (best from a landline) or 01737-350586 (best from a mobile), fill the form top right of this page or visit our contact us page. We will explain all the details you need to decide. Once booked you can leave the rest to us.

I look forward hearing from you soon and meeting you in the near future.

Yours sincerely
Clive Hyams
The fun Magician

P.S. Some people think that if your guests spend money with the magician then they won’t spend it elsewhere on the raffle, tombola etc, this is simply NOT the case, I will explain why when you call. So go on pick up the phone call me on 01737-350586. You have nothing to lose and extra cash for your charity to gain.