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Here Are A Stack Of Ideas And Help With Your Next Party And A Special Bonus For Keeping My Business Card And Visiting This Web Page

Dear Clive Hyams Business Card Holder,

Thank you for taking and keeping my business card and especially for taking the time to visit this web page, I have a number of ways I might be able to help you.

First of all, if you are planning a wedding party and the budget is a bit tight, here’s a simply but, oh so effective way, to halving many of the costs…. How to half the cost of your wedding

Next here’s a great idea for a summer party and a very special offer for you as a thank you bonus…

As A Thank You For Keeping My Card, You Can Enjoy This ANY TIME In The Next 12 Months…

Invite all your friends and their children to a special Bar-B-Q party at your home. The party starts at around 3.30 p.m. I will entertain your younger guests with magic and games and your adult guests with some great Close Up Magic, let’s knock their socks off.

Why is this special?

The answer is this; you book and pay for the afternoon and I will give you the evening (worth a minimum of £450) for free.

To find out how much this will cost in your area give me a call on the numbers on my business card that you have.

Now if you are interested in my magic for a forthcoming wedding you will find a stack of wedding entertainment ideas when you visit

If you are interested in my magic for a grown up party, be it birthday, anniversary or perhaps a corporate event then visit

If you are organising a fund raising event, I can show you how you can have me appear at your event for nothing. However, your event does need to qualify. Call me on the numbers on my card and I will tell you how this could work for you and we can see if you  qualify.

Go here if want help booking other types of entertainment.

When you want to read about a fab night out at The Magic Circle, then here’s the link

If you prefer to talk to me on the phone about anything then please ring the numbers on the card you have.

I look forward to helping you with your next event very soon.

My very best wishes
Clive Hyams
Member of The World Famous Magic Circle