The Magic Circle Degree System

How You Can Join The Magic Circle, The Degree System, How They Are Earned and Awarded…

Joining The Magic Circle is for many magicians a life long ambition which starts at a very early age. The Magic Circle is after all the most prestigious magic club in the world which started way back in 1905.

How you go about joining has changed many times over the years but this is what you need to do today…

To be eligible you must be:-

  • Very interested in magic (and not just wishing to know how it is done).
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Willing to invest up to £265. The exact amount will depend on your age and where you live. The Magic Circle offers discounts to those aged over 65 years, those aged 18 to 28 and an extra special rate to students aged under 25 years who also hold a valid student card. If you are an ex Young Magicians’ Club member that will also gain you a discount.

So you see it is quite easy.

Next you will need an application form. You can arrange this by telephoning 020-7387-2222 and asking for one to be put in the post. If you prefer you can complete the form online at

All applications need a “Proposer” and “Seconder” these people need to be existing members of The Magic Circle and both must have known you for at least one year.

The Magic Circle’s Examination Secretary then invites you to an informal interview with a senior member. This interview just makes sure you have sufficient knowledge and skill in the art of magic. It would be a waste of our time and yours, not to mention your money, if you need to study and practice a bit more before The Magic Circle would be right for you.

These interviews usually take place at The Magic Circle’s HQ near to Euston station in London, but they can be arranged elsewhere.

Then there is the little matter of the entrance test; candidates are given lots of advice on passing this test, what the judges need to see, suggested material to perform and lots more.

I will give you a couple of suggestions from my own experience of watching many entrance tests….

  1. Perform the magic you do regularly, the material you are comfortable performing and importantly entertains your audiences, it does of course need to be magical.
  2. Avoid trying to fool the judges. In the unlikely event that you succeed, they will probably lower your mark if they believe you are using stooges.

Tip: The pass mark is only 60% so you only need to be reasonably competent.

Let me expel one myth which many people mistakenly believe… You don’t have to invent a new magical miracle. If you can then great, but it is not a precondition.

If you did this, I think you may well pass…

No Strings Attached I Promise

So becoming a Member of The Magic Circle is basically easy if you are a magician. When you pass you can use the letters MMC after your name. You can also wear a medal with a blue ribbon at functions and a blue button badge on your jacket.

I was lucky (or skilled) enough to pass the MMC test in 1985.

You can stop there and many magicians do, however, you could go on and take a more advanced test – a bit like an A level in school. The pass mark is quite a bit stiffer at 90% but you will feel very proud of yourself when you pass.

On passing this more demanding test you will be elected an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle and can use the letters AIMC after your name. If you are a performer (as opposed to an inventor,  writer, historian or another non performing discipline) you will also be awarded a silver star in addition to your degree. You will then be an “Associate of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star”. You can then wear medal with a white ribbon at functions and a white button badge on your jacket.

I scraped through this test in 1989.

The President, Me and My MIMC Certificate

The highest degree you can’t take a test for. It is awarded at the gift of the President in Council. The President considers those with exceptional performing ability and/or outstanding service to the world of magic in general or The Magic Circle in particular.

Full Membership of the Inner Magic Circle, is reserved for a maximum of 300 magicians in the world. When this degree is awarded to you, is the pinnacle of ones magical career. You become a “Member of the Inner Magic Circle” and if you are a performer you will also be awarded a Gold Star. You can use the letters MIMC after your name . You can then wear a medal with a red ribbon at functions and a red button badge on your jacket.

I was honoured and very proud to be award my MIMC with Gold Star on 17th January 2012. Here’s a video of my presentation ceremony about a month later…

My MIMC Presentation Ceremony

I would love to help make your next event magical and memorable If you would like to consider this then why not give me a call and let’s have a chat.

Freephone 0800-0188118 (best from a land line)

or Direct on 01737-350586 (best from a mobile)

All my best best wishes

Clive Hyams MIMC

My Speech After My MIMC Presentation

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