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Here’s Why Our Special Mixed Fakes Pack Is A Good Idea For Younger Magician’s….

Dear Younger/Less Experienced Magician,

Many card tricks require a special card called ‘fakes’. An example of this is in the video explaining ‘Anniversary Waltz’. That trick used a double back card and a double face card. The double back can be used again and again, however, the double face card is used only once – you can’t use it again when someone has written on it! (except in practice).

So you see you only need one double back card so why buy a pack of 52 of them?

Many tricks require some sort of fake and so we have mixed many of the different fake cards together and into the mixed fake pack so you get a few of each type.

So my advice if you wish to perform Anniversary Waltz is to invest in one pack of Double Faced cards – you need one card for each performance – and a pack of mixed fakes as this will give you the double backed card AND lots of other fakes to use in the future.

We only make our Mixed Fakes pack available to younger magicians who are on a tighter budget and are magically experimenting with different material to find the effects they enjoy performing the most. More experienced magicians are asked to purchase full packs of their fakes.

You MUST have an adult place your order and give card details to us, but they can do so by…..

Calling: Freephone 0800 – 01 88 118 (best from a landline)

Or 01737-353573 (best from a mobile)

or E.Mail:

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