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We Can Help In A Number Of Other Ways Too…..

I am excited to make one (or more) of over 500 professional acts available to you for your next private or corporate party! Plus a wonderful range of catering choices to suit almost anything you and your party wish to eat, but only if you wish me to, there is no obligation, we are only here to help.

You will probably be interested: a recent survey showed that hundreds of people like yourself, who are organising a private party, would love to have a professional band, or solo musician, or magician, or mind reader, or caricaturist… BUT they assume it will cost too much.

Actually, you can book ANY of these professional acts for between just £225 to £350 for solo musicians or a highly entertaining magician from £350 to £550. A caricaturist could be drawing all evening for as little as £325 and then at the top end, if you are organising a lavish party, up to £3,500 for a top of the range 4 to 10 piece band.

There are four main categories of acts you can book to entertain you and your guests:

  1. Music – Solo Artists, Jazz Bands, Discos, Bands, Keyboard players or singers, either classical, opera or more modern.
  2. Magic – Close Up, Stand Up, Stage Illusions or Children
  3. Speciality acts (like mind readers, caricaturists, look-alikes, pick pockets)
  4. For Children’s events — scores of fun choices!

If you wish to discuss your special requirements and receive a number of useful suggestions, simply call Freephone 0800-0188118 (best from a land line) or 01737-350586 (best from a mobile) whenever you wish.

You could be lucky and book virtually any of these experienced, professional acts with usually no more than one or two week’s notice (although the earlier you book, the more certain it is you will get the very act you want- especially at busy times like Christmas).

Food To Make Your Mouth Water…

Your catering choices range from:

  • a Light Finger Buffet
  • a Table Buffet
  • a Barbecue
  • a Full Silver Service Sit Down Banquet

and anything in between. We help by letting you know what your options are, you choose what is best for you, your budget and your guests.

How To Use Magic During Your Party…

Five Ways a Professional Act Makes Your Private Party THE One That Will Be Remembered For A Long Time To Come!

  1. Highly entertaining, a good act will bring smiles to the faces of all who are present.
  2. Individual attention is given to all. Everyone is made to feel important.
  3. Proper planning and forethought is given to make sure everything is just right.
  4. Professionals make suggestions that are helpful and intelligent.
  5. The little things are the big things to a professional and those little extra touches are the things that make you glow with pride and remember afterwards.

Even better we offer these truly great acts without any additional charge to you for agency commission or fees. The cost will be the same as if you had booked them on a direct basis; we just eliminate the risk of you booking an act that you are not happy with or does not live up to the promises made beforehand.

Why Do We Do This? I Hear You Ask

Well the answer is simple. We are in the business of performing magic and we would love you to consider using us again in the future. So even if you don’t book magic this time, perhaps you will next time. So we would rather arrange a truly great act for you this time and show you what we can do, welcome you as a client, have a long ongoing friendly working relationship with you, where we can help you make the most of your event and hope that we will be of service to you in the future.

To discuss your needs simply call Freephone 0800-0188118 (best from a land line) or 01737-350586 (best from a mobile)

You can choose from a whole host of great talent, how about some background music to start with, a harpist perhaps strumming your most loved tunes, or a roving magician entertaining and delighting your guests or perhaps a fiddle player performing and moving amongst the guests. Perhaps you would prefer a look- alike of Dell Boy or Marilyn Munro or Prince Charles or would you prefer a visit from the Three Tenors. All are available to you at surprisingly low cost.

Could you use a toastmaster that is fun and interesting but professionally keeping your event running on time? Or if you want to really create a stir how about a professional pickpocket taking his audience into his confidence whilst relieving one guest of everything in his pockets or pinching his glasses or watch or tie or braces or all of the above and more.

We can supply caterers that will guide you through the meal you want and suits your budget, whether it to be a light finger buffer and a six-course banquette.

The list goes on… See our list of other acts we can supply.

When dealing with us you will experience a level of service that will exceed your expectations, as we insist that you are completely happy with everything we do for you. To this end we offer you this 100% guarantee.

Please Read Carefully This Is Very Important…

If for any reason whatsoever…… you don’t agree and/or are not completely happy with the act(s) you select and have perform at your function, are as wonderfully skilled and professional as we descried him, her or them to be, if they are not helpful and flexible. That they complement your event and make you extremely happy that you booked them. Then simply contact our office either by telephone or in writing if you prefer within three days of your event and we will refund 100% of all monies paid.

There will be no questions. No hard feelings either. We genuinely want you to have the most enjoyable and memorable experience both with the acts we supply and the service that we provide from beginning to end.

We are betting though that you will enjoy every minute of the experience and want to use us again and again. We have never yet been asked for a refund but we want you to be the sole judge and be in complete control.

You may not be sure what would work best for your event. If this is so, worry not, we are happy to help you make the right choice, nothing will be forced on you, we just make helpful suggestions and comments designed to make your life as easy as possible, whilst always leaving you in complete control.

Simply call Freephone 0800-0188118 (best from a land line) or 01737-350586 (best from a mobile)and let the fun begin.

See a list of the acts our client’s enjoy most often that may be right for you. You are not limited to just these types or performers we can source anything you desire for your event.

We are more than happy to work within your budget or requirements, whatever they are.

Simply call Freephone 0800-0188118 (best from a land line) or 01737-350586 (best from a mobile)now and lets us make your event that extra bit special whilst making your life as easy as possible. If you prefer you can email Clive@grownupmagic.co.uk or Fax: 0871-990 2066 or write to:

Smiles Department,
Mysto Magic,


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Kevin Grey

P.S. Thank you for reading this letter we look forward to being of service to you and to making your event the outstanding success you wish it to be.

P.P.S. Remember ALL our acts are covered by our 100% money back guarantee of quality or you don’t pay a penny for their services.