How To Choose The Right Magician For Your Event

How To Choose The Right Magician For Your Event

You want your event to be memorable for your family, friends, and colleagues and one way to ensure that’s the case is to hire a quality magician.

But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right magician for your special party? How do you pick someone who will make your guests gasp in wonder rather than horror? How can you be sure the magician you’ve chosen won’t turn the air blue with rude jokes and smutty asides?

By using the following tips, which are designed to help you choose the best magician for your celebrations.

Look For A Magician With Experience

Make sure the magician you choose has had plenty of experience of performing at similar events. It means he or she has the ability and skills to hold an audience.

Read The Magician’s Testimonials

A great magician will have outstanding testimonials from happy clients. He or she will be more than willing to put you in contact with previous clients.

Watch The Magician’s Photos or Videos

You should be able to see photos or videos of the magician on his or her website. Look at how he or she interacts with members of the audience. How do they react to the magician’s performance? Do people look entertained and intrigued, or bored or even embarrassed?

Find Out What Kind Of Magic The Magician Performs

Does the magician perform where and when you want him or her to? i.e. in the drinks reception, around the tables during the meal or afterward when some people are dancing but others are at a loose end. Does he or she perform with a variety of props or just cards? Is this what you want?

Does your magician perform for children as well as adults, could he or she look after the children if they get bored? Does this appeal to you?

Check The Magician Is A Member Of The Magic Circle

A magician who is a member of The Magic Circle, the world’s premier magical society, has had to be nominated by two current members and then pass an examination (perform magic) in front of the society’s examiners as well as other members. An Associate or Member of The Inner Magic Circle has passed a more rigorous test of his or her magic skills, so you can be sure a magician at this level is likely to be much more capable.

Does The Magician Offer A Comprehensive Guarantee?

For complete peace of mind, look for a magician who is so confident of his or her ability to engage and entertain your audience that he or she offers a guarantee of satisfaction or you don’t have to pay.

Easy Payment Terms Makes Your Life Easier

Very few clients have an unlimited budget, so if your magician offers Easy Payment Terms so you can spread the cost of your magician over a few months, after your event, can make things so much easier and more affordable.

About Grown Up Magic

Grown Up Magic is run by Clive Hyams, a multi-award-winning magician with over 7,800 engagements under his belt and many years’ experience performing close-up magic for weddings and other special events. To find out more, call Freephone 0800 018 8118 or 01737 350586 or visit his website at

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